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Rebecca Knight Mediation

Rebecca Knight Mediation

Rebecca Knight is a lawyer, a retired Buncombe County District Court Judge, a Certified Family Financial Mediator and a Certified Superior Court Mediator. The last quarter of her judicial career she served on the Unified Family Court. Her extensive experience and training has prepared her to mediate complex divorce, contractual, and litigation matters.

Judge Knight came to us shortly after her retirement from the court and asked us to build a website that would allow lawyers and people to schedule a mediation with her online. This required several elements to work together in ways they were not specifically intended by their underlying programmers. This has not been as seamless a process as we would have liked. Thankfully, family court judges are people of infinite patience. Currently her site is enjoying steady growth and no recently reported ill behavior.

Judge Knight is one of our favorite people. She is the persona of fairness and justice, and her dedication to the betterment of our community makes her a role model and leader. It is such an honor to work with her.


  • Website Design Concept and Layout
  • Content Development
  • Corporate Branding
  • Profile Development
  • Award Nominations
  • Blog development
  • Hosting, Maintenance & Security


  • Online Mediation Scheduling Application
  • User Registration and Account Management
  • Ability for a registered user to schedule one or more mediation conferences, in different increments of time (1 hour, 2 hours, all afternoon)
  • The ability to display a user’s scheduled mediations
  • The ability for Judge Knight to control the availability of days for mediation conferences
  • The ability for Judge Knight to schedule conferences through her calendar for those users who refused the online forum.
  • An email notification, confirmation, and reminder system for all parties to a mediation
  • Issue reporting and management