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Print Media & Advertising for Lawyers

We have had the privilege of designing many quality publications and print marketing concepts for lawyers. Ranging from stationery and brochures to advertisements and billboards, print media helps law firms develop sound referral sources, both from clients and peers. Your business sets, brochures, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, business logos, and other materials for print deserve the same attention your web presence receives.

The “End of Print” is a meme that has gained ascendency in an environment of disruptive change in the communication ecology. It’s similar to the dot-com boom meme that bricks-and-mortar stores were doomed and would soon disappear.” – Michael Josefowicz, Mediashift

What We Do

Stationery & Business Cards

Business cards, letterheads and envelopes are an intrinsic part of your marketing package. Indeed, many times this is the only element of your marketing efforts that some people will ever see. Make sure your business sets set the stage for client and peer expectations. That is what custom corporate branding packages are all about.


Logos & Branding Statements

Law firm logo development is a key aspect of your entire marketing package. Our strength is the monogram, text-based design. These types of logos are offered standard with our design contracts. While this is generally sufficient for most firms, we understand that doesn’t fit every firm’s vision. If your firm is looking for something different, we coordinate with and facilitate the right outside professionals to ensure your firm is represented exactly the way you want. Because sophisticated graphics are not necessarily our strong suit internally, we’ve created relationships with graphic artist throughout the state to ensure your logo development is in the best hands.


Brochures, Flyers, Presentation Folders

Our brochure and flyer designs are eye-catching, informative, and targeted. Engaging new clients and referral sources with print is a tried and true marketing tool. Printed literature tends to hang around as a reminder of the relationships you are building in your community.

We create brochures, flyers and other tools that convey your firm’s message, opening doors for development of new clients and referral sources. Whether your project is a postcard mailer, a magazine advertisement, or an intricate, multi-paged firm resume’, we can help you create print media assets that work for you long after distribution is complete.


Advertisements & Publicity

We help keep your client market and peers informed about your accomplishments and services. Magazine and newspaper advertisements in targeted publications go hand in hand with your web presence, as do regular press releases. We live in a world where everyone is in a rush. You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of a customer when they pass your advertising, no matter where that occurs. We believe a advertisements should be professional, impactful, and to the point.

Another Happy Lawyer!

I have worked with Gina Drew for years and cannot recommend her highly enough. Gina is a true legal marketing expert and does not take on non-lawyer clients. Her knowledge of the legal field, the way(s) that law firms operate, and State Bar ethics rules is unmatched. Gina takes the time to know her clients on a personal level and uses her knowledge to create vibrant websites and promote them in their particular areas of expertise. Her approach is anything but “cookie cutter.” Gina seeks out unique opportunities for her lawyers to market in their particular niche areas and creates A+ profiles on pertinent media sites. After hiring Gina my recognition in the legal fields in which I practice skyrocketed. I have observed that this is common among her clients. I have been very impressed with her staff, all of whom share her commitment to excellence.

Rod Kight, Asheville

Lawyer Retention